Finn 612 SD

The Finn612SD represents the state of the art of our project Finn612. We wanted to work with the engraver to create an Over&Under especially beautiful and elegant. We fully engraved the receiver with a floral theme, leaving space on each side of the receiver, in the center, in order to engrave an animal properly browned. […]

Si20 Grade1

What has been said for SI20 is combined with a jewel well-finished . The Si20 grade1 stock incorporates top quality oil with a beautiful nickel finish stainless steel color. The incision is very delicate: an ornate floral skillfully deployed. The intent is just to convey lightness to those who keep the weapon. An object spokesman […]


The entry-level configuration of the Si12 family is anodized with walnut stock and forearm. The black finish receiver create a nice contrast with the chromed bolt. A useful shotgun like Si12 can propose a modern design and quality standards of Italian production.


The project started in Finland with the main purpose of creating an Over&Under very technical and suitable for hunting in extreme conditions. The 612 is in fact a highly customizable weapon system that can mount calibro12 smooth-bore barrels,  comby and Expres. Even the choice of shooting is optional with the ability to take the gun single trigger or double trigger. _Finn612_X SITO Production techniques The shotgun in this last 612 declination, has emerged from years of development associated with the most modern production techniques. The processing is done by bar Aluminum in order to obtain an action frame tension-free. The machining center has advanced technology and allows precise machining that meet high quality standards. Throughout the production of the components strict controls certify compliance with quality standards. dettaglio carbonio_Fotor Adjustment system For the first time it has used an innovative adjustment system rifled barrels composed of three simple dice enclosed in a handguard pure carbon. In this way you can easily adjust the height and the drift of the point of impact with a simple allen key. The accuracy of your weapon is guaranteed by Lothar Walter rifled barrels. regolazione rigate Finn612_Fotor Lightweight, nice and balanced The use of aluminum alloy has allowed us to hold the weights. In the design phase, we have invested a lot of time to assure our customers with an Over&Under balance. Unchanged is the system of closure top piece that slides up to cover the block, this is to ensure maximum safety even with gauges more violent. balance_Finn612 Stock The stock can be Caccia or traditional Montecarlo and you can request it with the adjustment at comb (Genius C). With the control system of the heel, this is thanks to the spacers superimposable which allows the change of the position of the butt. Calibers Available in the following calibers: Comby / Express tavola rigati Finn612 Chokes Marocchi was amongst the first companies to believe in choke tubes 70mm. Built with the same steel of the barrels we believe that the same elasticity of the materials encourages the distribution of shot in shot pattern. Chrome internally has a very low roughness in order to reduce the deformation of the lead during the passage

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